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Executing assignments

Our assignments start by discussing with you how we might execute the assignment, the results you can expect and the budget we think is necessary. After your consent, we get to work. Should we unexpectedly need to exceed the approved budget, we will first consult with you. We are happy to be challenged.

What kind of assignments do we do?

  • Drafting and checking privacy policies, protocols and contracts: our professionals, together with your employees, draw up privacy and information policies or assess your policies for robustness. They do so on request, taking into account the relevant legal policies and baselines we have established. They then conduct a review of the management and security measures taken and advise about the management measures that are necessary to enable a more effective and cost-efficient internal organization;
  • Smart contracting: our lawyers organize your legal function on the basis of our legal policies and make it manageable. They perform a legal assessment of your contracts. Based on the results, they indicate what the legal risks are and how your organization might be better organized;
  • Governance and compliance: our consultants organize effective governance and compliance for you, on the basis of the relevant baselines, and embed them in the organization;
  • Awareness programs: our consultants develop training and awareness programs and deploy them for DPOs, key officers and other employees in the workplace;
  • Performing DPIAs: Data protection legislation requires a variety of DPIAs. Through the appropriate legal policies and baselines, we perform these reviews effectively and cost-efficiently. The DPIA measures the maturity level of an organization (or one component) and estimates which management and security measures must be taken in order to achieve an appropriate level of data protection for the organization;
  • Setting up and managing your privacy and security administration: your data processing operations are mapped and recorded in an administration in a systematic way;
  • European legislation in the field of data protection focuses on the data subject - the individual - and asks companies and institutions to transfer control over personal data to the data subject. The consequence of this is that not only the data subject will take center stage, but also their data. This development drives the much-discussed digital transformation. The consultants of Duthler Associates are ready to set up and roll out your digital transformation for you.

This is just a selection of the assignments that Duthler Associates consultants engaged in. We are happy to exchange ideas with you about any assignments you would like to have us perform.

More information

Would you like to know more about or use our consulting services? Please contact us. We are delighted to meet you.