Educational institutions such as universities, colleges, ROCs, secondary and primary education have to deal with many different laws and regulations. This also means that the educational institution has to account for a great deal. We help educational institutions with this.

What do we do for educational institutions?

We are specialized in guiding educational institutions. View our offer below.

  • Optimizing the corporate legal function: the quality of your corporate legal function improves. The annual costs are going down. Sometimes by as much as 30%.
  • Optimizing the business compliance function: optimizing the compliance function with the aim of organizing the compliance of financial service providers effectively and cost-efficiently.
  • Advice and Investigations: Our professionals are highly knowledgeable, experienced and provide advice and conduct investigations in the fields of legal issues, privacy and information security, governance and compliance and pre-audits.
  • Training: the training institute Duthler Academy has several training programs in the field of legal, compliance and privacy.

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