Business types and business activities

Each market has its own challenges and issues. By helping to discover the challenges and answering the issues, a market-oriented service is created.

In the Contract Board we develop and maintain company-specific contract libraries for different business types (by main types: self-employed, SME, Government, Healthcare). We distinguish generic business activities for each business type:

  • Governance & compliance, managing business operations;
  • Sales, marketing and servicing products and services;
  • Managing employees, hiring freelancers and organizing personnel management; and
  • Procurement, selecting, buying and using products and services.

A matrix of business activities and business types is created. For each intersection, there are company-specific contract libraries for the legal operations, or baselines for organizing compliance.

Depending on what customers ask, we develop contract libraries.

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about setting up, running or expanding your business type(s) and/or business activity(ies)? We would be happy to discuss your specific case.