The business focus

The company-specific business activities are often centered around a core products and services. A school, for example, will mainly focus on teaching tasks and a construction company on producing houses or roads. The knowledge about effectively organizing such business activities lies with management and employees. Sometimes a trade association offers a helping hand with process models for the company-specific business activities. Employees with knowledge and experience and perhaps to a lesser extent industry groups are needed to develop contract libraries with an appropriate set of contract and playbook items.

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Using the trust network, especially the information ecosystem, and smart contracting, any company can effectively organize its legal and compliance operations. See examples of value propositions and business cases.

Policy and strategy

Effectively organizing the corporate legal and compliance operations for company-specific business activities requires principles (policy) and direction (strategy) from the management. The management often develops an integrated policy and result-oriented strategy.

When developing the strategy, management can opt for a sectoral and/or regional approach. This means that the strategy is elaborated on a sectoral basis or with partners.

It is safe to start with the compliance and contract portfolio for the generic business activities.


Organizing the accountability for compliance with legal and contractual obligations, in particular the TTP Code of Conduct GDPR and Code of Conduct Trade Secrets, gives the management an impression of the maturity level of the organization, the ease of applying the compliance approach and change capacity of management and employees. This impression is the basis for developing a company-specific integrated compliance approach.

Contract Library

The company, in collaboration with professionals from Duthler Associates, first builds the company-specific contract library, then implements and invests the library in the organization. The experience with applying this set of contract and playbook items is guiding by designing, building, implementing and investing a library for the company-specific business activities.

Awareness and training programs

Knowledge and change management is necessary for management and employees to make contract libraries company-specific, and to successfully implement and invest contract and script items.

There are awareness and knowledge programs in the company-specific learning environment that, if desired, can be made company-specific to support the change process.

Knowledge bases, blogs and webinars

The intention is that employees of a company are able to effectively manage the legal and compliance operations with the help of knowledge bases, blogs and webinars. The training, service deck and professional support give the employees the comfort that their efforts lead to value for the company.

When developing the value propositions and business cases, it is wise to include the involvement of professionals. This makes it clear to management and professionals what is expected and when the results must be delivered.

The support can relate to:

  • Professional questions on demand;
  • Taking care of project management;
  • Project employee for the realization of specific parts of the business plan;
  • Managing and maintaining the contract libraries;
  • Building up the compliance function;
  • Carrying out compliance activities; and
  • Fulfilling capacity demand.

The professionals that Duthler Associates offers provide or follow training courses at Duthler Academy.

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