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International business

Trade on international

It is a necessary precondition for successful business that the internationally operating company has a good reputation and that the company propagates this reputation to its partners (customers, employees, suppliers and governments). Managing the information ecosystem on the MYOBI Trust Network is a valuable asset for the company; for many companies they are strategic trade secrets.

Trading with foreign companies requires thorough preparation, implementation and management of company and personal data, contract portfolios and contract management.

Managing company and personal data

Managing the business information ecosystem starts with access to national authentic registers with company data (in the Netherlands, the Chamber of Commerce manages the authentic register of companies). The MYOBI Trust Network does not always have access to such registries or in certain countries such registries do not exist or the data definitions between authentic registries are not interoperable.

MYOBI’s Standardization Board manages the data definitions for business and personal data on the trust network. The data definitions are derived from legislation and the interpretation of business and personal data by holders of authentic sources.

Access to authentic sources on the trust network offers a company more certainty about the reliability of company and personal data. A company expands the reach of the authentic sources by agreeing access to each other’s business and personal data, including trade secrets, under the direction of partners. With the help of direction, partners often limit the sharing of company and personal data to each other’s information ecosystem.

The appropriate organization of the information ecosystem of an internationally operating company requires customization that we can provide in collaboration with MYOBI.

Managing portfolios

Each country with its own jurisdiction (sometimes several) requires the organization of country-specific legal functions that are mutually consistent at the level of business activity in the business organization.

Building and managing country/jurisdiction specific contract portfolios requires the deployment of local legal and business-skilled professionals. In the European economic zone, it is also necessary for the company to take culture and language into account.

Depending on the desired international trade ambitions of a company, we enter into partnerships with professionals in Europe. These collaborations provide the company with a foundation for legal operation in Europe or, if desired, beyond.

To organise

After the preparations, the organization and operationalization of the corporate legal function in the various countries deserves a project-based approach. The employees in the different countries use company-specific awareness and training programs legal operation.

International business is often limited to selling products and services that do not require a company to have a permanent establishment in the country concerned. The organization of legal operation expands if there is a permanent establishment and the company has to provide services.

Maintaining the country-specific legal operation requires management attention and direction.

Periodic reporting on rights and obligations is essential for management to estimate the results of its efforts to do business internationally.

Added value of an effective legal operation

To optimize business activities and respond adequately quickly to changing circumstances in different countries, effectively functioning legal operations are needed for, among other things:

  • A trusted information ecosystem with partners the company does business with;
  • An appropriate contract portfolio with contract and script items. The company meets expectations from the different countries/jurisdictions;
  • The awareness and training of employees from the perspective of the company goals and the specific jurisdictions;
  • Insight into liability and cost risks; and
  • Building strategic suppliers.

The internationally operating business project

Together with internationally operating companies, we work together with local professionals on suitable legal operations. The collaboration consists of:

  • Managing and using reputation management of partners’ business and personal data;
  • Optimizing the contract portfolio with contract and script items;
  • Sharing knowledge through webinars and targeted awareness and training programs; and
  • Suggestions for additional functionalities.

How can we support you?

We can play a coordinating role for companies that wish to operate in the European markets. We can engage our partners for Dutch companies that wish to enter the European market. It also happens that foreign companies want to enter the Dutch market. We can guide such a step. Organizing foreign ambitions requires a good discussion. We are happy to do so.

Possible services from us may include:

  • Set up and manage information ecosystem on the MYOBI Trust Network. Based on the registration on the trust network and concluded agreements, the company has an overview and insight into the partners with which business has been done;
  • Setting up and applying the company-specific learning environment with awareness and training programs. All employees and management are aware and have knowledge of organizing legal operation;
  • Smart contracting with a sector-specific contract portfolio. Using the smart contracting application, the company organises an effective legal operation;
  • Supporting services such as knowledge bases and a service desk. The employees of the companies can fall back on professional help in carrying out their work;
  • The project-based organization of the legal operation; and
  • An attractive business case. For every company there is a value proposition with a suitable business case. On the knowledge base we help internationally active companies to build a business case using Business Model Canvas.

Do you have any questions or do you need an appointment?

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