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Important challenges in healthcare

The healthcare sector is changing at a rapid pace. An important development is remote care: vulnerable people continue to live at home for longer and innovative techniques such as domotics and robotics are increasingly used to reduce the workload and mitigate the lack of qualified personnel. Care is becoming increasingly complex and can only be delivered through regional partnerships between various healthcare providers, such as hospitals, care homes and healthcare professionals, including doctors and pharmacists.

Boundary condition

A prerequisite for effective cooperation is the mutual exchangeability of medical data. For the most part, data in the healthcare sector are categorized as sensitive personal data. In the coming years, it will be a challenge for regional partnerships to:

  • Standardize the definitions of medical data; 
  • Provide insight into the quality of the data and guarantee the quality; and
  • Make agreements about the mutual sharing of medical data.

Remote care and the use of domotics lead to the collection of more and more personal data, as well as the recording of behavioral profiles. The quality of care increases, but so does the risk of infringing someone's privacy.

This challenge is made more complex by the legal requirement to give patients or clients control over their own personal data. This legal requirement stems from the GDPR and sector-specific legislation that makes specific consent from the patient or client compulsory for the processing of personal data by healthcare providers. 

Our services for the healthcare

Duthler Associates anticipates these developments in the healthcare sector and invests in providing the following services:

  • Sector- and company-specific legal policies: we have developed and maintained the legal framework for data protection in healthcare from 2012, together with the Dutch Federation of Academic Medical Centres (NFU), and made this available to healthcare institutions. The objective is to create one generally accepted legal model, based on the multitude of laws and regulations that come into force each year;
  • We have developed baselines for hospitals, healthcare institutions and healthcare professionals, on the basis of sector- and company-specific legal policies. The aim of the baselines is to make explicit the maturity levels of healthcare providers with regard to data protection. This will make it possible to exchange medical data in a conscious and effective way;
  • The legal framework for data protection in healthcare provides parameters for the composition of contract and agreement templates. The lawyers of Duthler Associates have set up a contract set for the healthcare sector that can be implemented and applied through smart contracting;
  • The legal framework for data protection in healthcare takes into account the usual standards for information security (NEN 7510, NEN 7512 and NEN 7513), and focuses on common business processes. The baselines form the basis for the register of processing operations; and
  • The baselines for the healthcare sector provide a directive for accountability reviews by healthcare providers. The registered accountants and IT auditors of Duthler Associates have compiled a set of research questions for the healthcare sector that can be used by healthcare providers using smart assessments. This allows healthcare providers to effectively and cost-efficiently meet the accountability requirements.

By explicitly giving the patient or client the control over their own personal data, the significance of regional collaborations will increase. Duthler Associates facilitates healthcare providers with services in the field of Digital Transformation and ReLife information ecosystems.


We have developed, [in collaboration with healthcare partners, a service package for healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals. We work together with 'Intrakoop' to offer this service package to the sector. It consists of:

  • Training, awareness and handbooks regarding data protection, privacy and information security in healthcare;
  • Services via Duthler Professionals, such as DPOs and compliance employees on call;
  • Making available legal policies and keeping them up-to-date through collaboration between NFU and Duthler Associates;
  • Making available the baselines for the healthcare sector on the basis of legal policies and keeping them up-to-date;
  • Building and, if desired, implementing privacy and security administration aimed at fulfilling the requirements to compile data processing records and document data leaks;
  • Smart contracting and smart assessments in the healthcare sector;
  • Back-end support by lawyers, registered accountants and IT auditors:
    • For settling security incidents and data leaks;
    • To answer questions from supervisor bodies; and
    • For meeting the accountability requirement.

The service package is in line with the requirements for regional cooperation.

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