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“Wij helpen onderwijsinstellingen met complexe juridische en compliance vraagstukken”


Educational institutions such as universities, colleges, secondary and primary education have to deal with many different laws and regulations. This also means that educational institutions must account for a great deal. We help educational institutions with this.

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What do we do for educational institutions?

We are specialized to guide educational institutions. View our selection below.

Optimaliseren van de bedrijfsjuridische functie

The quality of your legal position will improve. The annual costs go down. Sometimes with around 50%.

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Optimaliseren van de bedrijfscompliance functie

Optimizing the compliance function with the aim of organizing compliance of educational institutions effectively and cost-efficiently.

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Advice & Investigations

Our professionals are very knowledgeable, experienced and give advice and conduct investigations in the field of legal, privacy, compliance & pre-audits.

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Our Duthler Academy is available to follow courses, courses and master classes.

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