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We are always looking for new employees, who are just as passionate and curious as we are.

Protecting freedom

Data protection is essential for safeguarding the freedom of individuals. It is not about protecting personal data alone, but also about participating in social developments under the direction and control of the individual. An example is the controlled participation of an individual in scientific research.

If the interests of the individual are placed front and centre, companies and institutions will have to facilitate the rights of the individual. Which changes in behavior, organization, IT and goverance & compliance are needed in companies and institutions in order to realize this aim?  

We are delighted to work as reliable partners with organizations that wish to make such a change. We bring our knowledge and experience. We join the conversation. We look for solutions that best suit your organization. 

Making the difference

Companies and institutions face major challenges. Which interests are more important: the freedom of the individual or traditional business operations? We are always looking for options to balance these two aspects, through our advice and research. Are you curious and eager to learn? Do you have a passion for the subject? Do you have a wealth of knowledge and experience? Are you always ready to promote the interests of others? We are looking for you!


We believe it is important that our professionals continue to grow. In addition to following courses, such as DPO training, we also offer skills training. In addition, your colleagues will help you to develop further. At Duthler Associates, you can grow both in depth and in scope.


Social life is an important part of our organization, with fun events, the occasional drink and an unforgettable Christmas gathering every year. In short, at Duthler Associates we combine personal attention, team spirit and passion for the profession.

Employment conditions

Duthler Associates offers all the conditions that are necessary to properly perform your tasks and to realize our shared objectives. Professionals are given space to develop creatively, market-based employment conditions, and opportunities for development through supervision, coaching and training. But also a laptop and opportunities for travel, of course.