Patients, clients or residents

Control over your own medical personal data

Do you let the control of your own data work for you or against you? Or does it inspire you to take control of the data flows yourself. People can register on the MYOBI Trust Network. MYOBI authenticates the person’s identity, provides a personal data store (PDS) and provides you with a personal signature.

What can you do with a Personal Data Store (PDS)?

  • Offering and accepting authorizations: patients can manage authorizations and gain personalized access to medical and personal data. The patient has full control over his or her medical records.
  • Managing and breaking agreements entered into: patients can make conclusive agreements with parties (persons, primary and secondary care) about the sharing of personal data.
  • Personal signature: people receive a personal signature. In this way, contracts, agreements, powers, etc. can easily be entered into.
  • Sharing (personal) data under control: MYOBI is a Trusted Third Party (TTP). This means that all agreed contracts and agreements are documented.

More information

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