Primary care

Patient care is central to primary care and this requires qualified personnel. This primarily requires attention. Secondary care providers are confronted with administrative burdens. These charges relate to, for example, meeting the requirements of health insurers, keeping employees inside, protecting personal data, complying with laws and regulations, etc.

Approach and support

We ensure that the secondary processes (administrative burdens) of primary care are organized effectively and (cost) efficiently. How? By organizing an integrated service in the field of contracting (legal) and compliance (compliance with legislation and compliance).

  • Insight and overview of your agreements and accountability: you have direct insight into the agreements, because they are ready and are guaranteed to be immediately available. You can also easily account for legislation, contracts and policy. This saves a lot of time and resources.
  • Up-to-date with contracts and legislation: you are up-to-date with correct contracts, agreements and legislation and regulations. This is due to the affiliation with MYOBI, a notary function, the legal validity and according to the latest security standards.
  • Anticipating conflicts: Conflicts between employees, patients and suppliers can be managed because you immediately see if a problem arises and you can act immediately.
  • Business case: the approach entails a business case that can be specifically developed jointly with the relevant practice.

More information

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