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Problem definition for healthcare professionals

It has been clear for some time that healthcare professionals needlessly spend a lot of time on administrative burdens. Percentages from 25% to even 40% are mentioned.

All this administrative burden is not only frustrating and contributes to stress and burnout, but it also leads to high costs. Despite many scrapping sessions and the Action Plan (Un)Regulate the Care of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, a recent study shows that healthcare professionals still experience a lot of regulatory pressure. Nearly two-thirds say they are dissatisfied with the progress.

If used properly, our proposition can lead to a welcome relief of the regulatory burden and administrative burden for healthcare professionals.

Proposition healthcare professionals

We ensure that the administrative burdens of healthcare professionals are organized effectively and (cost) efficiently. How? By organizing an integrated service in the field of contracting (legal) and compliance (compliance with legislation).

The integral service consists of:

  • A ‘Personal Data Store (PDS)’, in this environment the healthcare professional has control over his or her personal and company data. The PDS includes electronic signature to quickly conclude agreements with suppliers and patients;
  • We offer a complete contract portfolio with contract types through a system for healthcare professionals. The system is controlled by the PDS by the healthcare professional. Documents, such as employment contracts, treatment agreements, consent and other types of agreements, are also certified and deposited with a (digital) civil-law notary;
  • We support the life cycle of a contract with the life cycles of smart contracting. In the life cycle we recognize the preparation, implementation & maintenance, execution and contract management;
  • We use a set of standards from the healthcare sector to check whether the requirements of the law are met. This is made user-friendly available to healthcare professionals via the PDS. In this way the effect of the control measures taken is obtained; and
  • We help healthcare professionals to account for compliance with the requirements of the law, agreements and policies made to patients and the regulator.

What are the benefits?

  • Always have up-to-date agreements. Even if case law is added or legislation changes;
  • Overview and insight into all obligations and all rights;
  • The consequences of changes in legislation and regulations are made visible;
  • Certainty due to the use of authentic sources (registrations of organizations in the trade register of the Chambers of Commerce); and
  • Smart contracting is not only effective but also cost-efficient and quick to use.

We make a business case together with the healthcare professional. We will discuss these and, if agreed, get to work. We evaluate the results every 2 months.

More information

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