Advice and investigations

Our professionals are highly knowledgeable, experienced and provide advice and conduct investigations in the areas of corporate law (legal operations), privacy and information security, governance and compliance and pre-audits.

Legal operations

We ensure the rationalization of the corporate legal function and use the available capacity of internal employees as much as possible. Based on a business case, we supplement the internal capacity with legal professionals. View our services below:

Privacy and Information Security

Do you process data from customers, employees, patients or citizens? Then you must comply with privacy legislation (GDPR and related laws). Do you not comply with the rules? Then you not only do not take the rights of those involved seriously, but there is a great chance of high fines and reputational damage. Does your business need help?

View our privacy and information security services below:

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Declaration of Accountability (DoA)
  • Privacy zero measurement
  • Privacy Advice
  • Privacy and Security Investigations
  • ICT infrastructure risk analysis
  • System Assessment Investigations
  • Project and program analysis
  • Privacy Control Framework (NOREA)

Governance, compliance and risk (GRC)

View our compliance services below:

More information

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