Baseline implementation

Implementing a baseline

We develop baselines on the basis of legislation and apply the baselines for the benefit of companies and institutions. Models from ISO, NEN or NOREAcan be part of the baselines. We use a methodology for compliance with baselines. The outcomes of such a methodology are findings, report of findings and other reports.

What do we do in the area of ​​baselines?

Compiling baselines: based on the current picture of legislation, we create sector- and/or segment-specific legal models. These are used for compiling contract portfolios and baselines.

The baselines can focus on (generic) functional management areas. Think of the technical information infrastructure. It is also possible that a baseline relates to a theme, for example the processing of personal data. For all baselines, the legitimacy lies in the law, contracts and/or policy.

Determining maturity: we can see a baseline as a yardstick for maturity. The yardstick usually consists of five levels. The first level is about awareness of employees of an organization and what requirements must be met. The highest level relates to compliance with legislation whereby the control loop must be in place to guarantee this compliance.

Depending on relevant legislation and the business activities of an organisation, there is a framework of standards/baseline. This means that a baseline develops over a period of time.

Type of baselines

We have developed and managed a number of types of baselines. Baselines have been drawn up based on ISO, NEN and BIO standards frameworks that have a legal basis. The legal model and cohesive baseline for healthcare has been maintained for many years in collaboration with NFU. A baseline plus maturity levels are managed for the purpose of MYOBI’sTTP Policy.

To investigate

The baseline study is about mapping the responsibility and liability domain. And determining which business activities are provided by the organizational units.

The business activities determine appropriate baselines. We have sector-specific baselines that can be made company-specific if desired. Based on the baselines, it is checked which steps must be taken to implement the baselines and to be compliant with the baselines.

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