Compliance support

Professionals are needed to determine compliance with legislation, concluded agreements and/or policy objectives. Given the nature and scope of the work, our professionals have adequate training, experience and social qualities.

Our approach

The service compliance function becomes effective and cost efficient when it is adequately supported by methods, models and IT services.

  1. Intake, determining scope and desk research: together we define the scope of your compliance function. Then, after your approval, we carry out a desk investigation.
  2. IT services: All compliance services use a network of trust and we are trained in the application of the IT services.
  3. Methodology: compliance can relate to different areas of legislation, agreements entered into and policy objectives. A methodology is available from the perspective of the need for compliance.
  4. Models: There are models for determining the domain of responsibility, for data protection and information security. Also for functional areas such as fulfilling employment contracts.

More information

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