Declaration of Accountability (DoA)

Carry out a declaration of accountability?

The investigation leads to a justification as referred to in Articles 5, second paragraph and 24 of the GDPR: the “accountability obligation”. Accountability has been further elaboratedby the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The management of the organization must therefore demonstrably account for compliance with the law.

What are the benefits?

The accountability audit complies with legal frameworks that are relevant to the organization, offers the management of the organization to meet the accountability obligation at the pace ‘of what’ can and offers the opportunity to perform the internal audit task as much as possible by its own employees.

  • Demonstrated effective compliance with legislation: demonstrably effective compliance with legislation within the capabilities of the organization. The results of the investigation are recorded. This creates management information aimed at improving internal management and internal control.
  • Accountability and communication tool: an accountability and communication tool towards those involved, including user groups, works council and society. Your organization handles personal data demonstrably, respectfully and with integrity.
  • One-off accountability for multiple supervisors: one accountability and one accountability audit is required for multiple supervisors. This is effective and cost efficient for you.
  • Managing liability and cost risks: makes liability and cost risk of “non-compliance” manageable for the organization, management and the appointed Data Protection Officer.

More information

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