Fraud investigation

Conducting a fraud investigation

If it concerns a (possible) criminal offense, a situation of non-compliance can lead to a fraud investigation. Such an investigation can take place in one’s own organization or the organization of a related party. Such a personal examination must be carried out in accordance with certain regulations. This requires expertise.

Such investigations are often outsourced because the knowledge is not available within the organization or because employees are (emotionally) involved too much. The Wwft legislation obliges external professionals such as chartered accountants charged with auditing the annual accounts or a civil-law notary charged with the execution of deeds to report unusual transactions.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of a fraud investigation are:

  • Carrying out compliance has a preventive effect to prevent fraud.
  • Overview of the vulnerabilities: the risk analysis includes where the vulnerabilities in the organization are located that cause an increased risk of fraud.
  • Probability of fraud per business activity: the probability of fraud is determined and estimated per organizational unit of the business activities.
  • Effective and efficient use of tools: if legal entity management and smart contracting are used, this estimate can be made effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently. This makes the liability domain clear and effective and cost-efficient compliance activities and measures can be carried out.

Professional support

In addition to providing support in prevention, our professionals can also coordinate the handling of fraud. A team is assembled that has the right expertise and experience to conduct interviews, secure evidence, conduct investigations and prepare a file suitable for criminal or civil follow-up steps.

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