Investigation AO/IB

Improving your AO/IB

Non-compliance with legislation often results in advice to improve the administrative organization and internal control. Implementing such improvements should lead to greater effectiveness and lower operational costs. Experience shows that it is not always easy to improve the existing administrative organization and reduce costs.

Before “renovation” is started, a study into the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the technical and organizational control and security measures aimed at compliance with legislation, agreements made and policy goals is recommended.

Our approach

We know the business activities, the data collections and the business processes in their mutual relationship for each part. It may happen that this information is not available and that a collection of business activities is designated as the object of investigation.

  • Compiling the area of ​​responsibility: at the start of the research, an overview and insight into the composition of the area of ​​responsibility is drawn up.
  • Embedding measures: the measures of AO/IB are elaborated in the decomposition of the business activities into (business) processes and related to roles.
  • Research themes Depending on the nature of the business activities, the organization chooses research themes.
  • Application reduction: as a direct result of the foregoing, an organization will want to switch to application reduction.

Objective and delineation

The objective and demarcation of the research form the context and the business activities of the organization and thus the starting point of the research.

The research starts with an exploration, a business case and an action plan. The investigation is then carried out jointly with key officials of the organization. The report is addressed to management.

More information

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