IT infrastructure risk analysis

The IT environment in which all employees of an organization work must be secure and available. The IT infrastructure has changed significantly in recent years and the importance for the organization has increased. It was first a server with a network that ran in the organization and was maintained by a system administrator.

Subsequently (parts of) the infrastructure was outsourced. Now it is an external platform of Microsoft Azure, Google suite or Amazon on which the files and applications of the organization run. System management is largely taken out of your hands. This does not mean that the organization does not have to do anything more. On the contrary.

IST-SOLL determination

It is an essential question to know the infrastructural facilities of the organization and to have insight into the existing situation of the IT infrastructure. What steps must be taken to maintain a robust and resilient platform and what are the risks that hinder and even block having such a platform. Insight into the IT infrastructure is in line with the compliance issue.

  • The external platform is a solid foundation, but the organization itself must make explicit choices about how the system is secure and remains available. Determining the current status and/or future situation of the IT infrastructure. A risk analysis is made of the existing and future infrastructure.
  • Check whether the legislation is sufficiently included in the future situation of the IT infrastructure, the right agreements are made with suppliers and realistic goals are set in the company policy.
  • Assess and/or monitor the transition process. A risk analysis is also made in this step.

Our approach

There are many angles for performing a risk analysis on the existing and intended IT infrastructure. An exploratory study is needed to clarify the right angle and to put together a suitable team. Our professionals can carry out the exploratory research, put together the right team and make quarters. Based on this work, a business plan can be drawn up that is discussed with the professional and general management.

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