Legal Entity Management

Why Legal Entity Management?

Knowing the responsibility and liability domain is a precondition for being accountable at all for compliance with legislation, agreements made and policy. In other words, it is a condition for meeting the “general” accountability requirement.

In addition, organizations want to decide for themselves with whom they share company data, and they decide for themselves who they give internal authority to share company data. They want to be in control of that.

How does LEM work?

Continuous knowledge of the domain of responsibility requires an explicit effort from an organization.

  1. The corporate family (organizational structure): naming the relationships between entities in the own organization.
  2. Organizational units: knowing the composition of an entity in organizational units.
  3. Related parties and partners: Knowing the organization’s partners, such as customers, suppliers, and representatives, also known as related parties.

Why LEM services?

We have developed an effective and cost-efficient service for managing company and personal data. The service is supported by a trust network.

  • Control over company and personal data: presenting company and personal data to partners under one’s own management, on a network of trust, as far as possible, with authentic source holders
  • Stimulating partners: requesting and encouraging that the partners also present their company and personal data to the organization under their direction
  • More certainty and reliability: there is more certainty about the reliability of business and personal data of partners. This creates more trust and allows trade relations to be organized more effectively and cost-efficiently.
  • Save costs and increase productivity: this automates a large part of the manual processes. The remaining processes can be carried out under the responsibility of a “LEM manager” by internal employees and if the capacity is lacking, our professionals can assist.

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