Optimizing approach of the compliance function

Optimizing the compliance function requires support, knowledge, careful planning and effective resources. We try to achieve support within the organization with a targeted risk assessment (company research), an accessible business case and an action plan.

We support the business compliance function with smart compliance and smart contracting as part of this. The primary goal is: compliance with relevant legislation, contract agreements and policy requirements; Secondly, the preconditions for an effective and cost-efficient administrative organization and internal control arise.

What are the arguments to optimize the compliance function?

The management of an organization will want to invest in the compliance function if there is a good business case. The business case provides insight into the existing situation, the impact of relevant risks and an intended situation. The reason for developing a business case could be:

Legislator(s) requirements

Demands from the legislator that an organization, within a network of responsibility and liability, demonstrably fulfills its obligations. Requirements of the legislator to account for the protection of personal data. Also organizing accountability for the effectiveness of policy.

Internal hygiene of your organization

Compliance is a good tool for continuously improving your processes and the satisfaction of your clients. Your employees are encouraged to carry out their work according to agreed guidelines.

Customer or supplier wish to be ‘in control’

The request of your clients to be “in control” of services they have outsourced for (direct and indirect) obligations arising from legislation and regulations, agreements entered into and company policy.

Productivity increase

Gain insight into the productivity of the compliance function. In line with this is the desire to have an effective and cost-efficient compliance function that ensures that the internal organization also remains effective and cost-efficient. After all, reducing compliance and internal and external audit costs.

Possible approach to business case

We offer the management of organizations the opportunity to work out a business case and an action plan together with internal key officials. The approach consists of the following steps:

  1. Desk research and interviews: Desk research into the business activities of the organization, determining the reference group and asking questions.
  2. Optimization plan compliance function: We work out an action plan for building and maintaining a more effective and cost-efficient compliance function
  3. Findings and implementation: Discuss the findings and results with the management of the organization.

More information

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