Organizing good governance and compliance

The scope and scope of good governance & compliance largely determine the core tasks of the business compliance function. The management of every organization wishes to be compliant with legislation, agreementsmade and policy objectives. Internally, an overview and insight into the package of requirements is required; externally, it concerns integral accountability.

Based on our experience, an organization wants an integrated compliance function that must provide the basis for meeting its accountability to society (including as many supervisors as possible).

An effective and cost-efficient business

The sector- or company-specific legal models are elaborated in sector- or company-specific baselinesthat are used to assess and, if desired, replace the effectiveness of the management and security measures taken.

Compliance by design & by default

The point is that the business activities are/are organized effectively and cost-efficiently. This means that there is “compliance by design” and “compliance by default”. Some legislation sets explicit and strict requirements for “compliance by design”, for example when it comes to data protection, DPIAswill have to be performed.

Management processes, governance & compliance

The management of an organization formulates policy, taking into account legal requirements and agreements made and to be made. For the realization of policy, tasks are delegated to the executive level, risks of not (timely) realization of the tasks are monitored and adjusted. Ultimately, the management is accountable to society for the implemented policy;

Executive processes

The management of business activities is delegated by the management to the operating organization. The business activities are elaborated in business processes and the activities are carried out by employees. In a process plan – plan, do, check, act – the results of the activities are monitored and adjusted if necessary.

Controlling processes

We can position the compliance function at the controlling level. Risks of non-compliance are identified and discussed with management at the executive level. Periodic reports are made to the management level.

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