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Our legal operation services

The professionals who support or advise the legal operations are at home in many markets. In addition to professional and functional knowledge and skills acquired at universities or comparable institutes and at Duthler Academy, the professionals have social skills and organisational talent.


A few legal services we’re great at

Our legal professionals have been supporting and advising various clients for more than 20 years. You can use the knowledge and skills of our leading team of legal professionals.

Privacy law / contracts

Our legal professionals use various types of privacy agreement by means of smart contracting, such as processor agreements and data exchange agreements.

Purchase / sale contracts

Purchasing and sales are important activities within an organization. Our legal professionals therefore use good and clear contracts that can easily be concluded with smart contracting.

Employment law / contracts

Our lawyers are familiar with employment law. It is about performing the right actions at the right times, correctly executing what has been agreed with your employee or with the freelancer. Smart contracting offers results.

Miscellaneous / contracts

You may need a general terms and conditions, privacy statement, etc. Our legal professionals are happy to help you arrange these contracts and agreements quickly and properly.

Why our legal services?

We select lawyers on a suitable profile. The legal professionals who put together the models for the portfolios also develop and maintain the legal training modules at Duthler Academy. The professionals who qualify for professional services successfully follow the modules.

Permanent legal knowledge

After successful completion of all modules, the professionals join the continuing education program and the Academy can ask a professional to draw up, maintain and teach a module.

Finding a good match for synergy

The legal professional must fit in with your culture and the mores of the organization. It also concerns which tasks are performed by employees of the organization and which by the professional.

Proper IT Legal Tools

The use of smart contracting, including a properly functioning legal function with the right professionals, brings effectiveness and (cost) efficiency to your organization.

Business case with evaluation moments

Only with the right team and the right tools can we effectively and efficiently realize the business case of the legal function for your organization.

We are happy to assist you!

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