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“Resilience and carefree entrepreneurship within the privacy frameworks”

We help you to comply with the privacy law

Do you process data from customers, employees, patients or citizens? Then you must comply with privacy legislation (GDPR and related laws). Are you not complying with the rules? Then you not only do not take the rights of those involved seriously, but there is a high risk of heavy fines and reputation damage.

Does your organization need help? We are happy to help with privacy advice, interim services and privacy training.


Overview of our privacy services

With our offer we are happy to help you comply with privacy legislation and related laws. An overview of our offer can be found below. Duthler Associates works together with its training institute, Duthler Academy, for privacy training and Duthler Professionals for (temporary) interim professionals.

Privacy Advice

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

A DPIA exposes the privacy risks of new or existing processing of personal data.


Declaration of Accountability

The management of an organisation can account for compliance with the GDPR.


Privacy Quickscan

An exploratory study aimed at gaining insight into compliance with privacy laws and regulations.


Privacy Consulting

We are happy to support you with complex privacy issues. Find out what we can do for you here.


Academy (by Duthler Academy)

Our privacy courses are unique because of the combination of practice and theory. All teachers are professionals “from the field” and teach the theory on the basis of concrete cases and practical examples. The courses are offered in an e-learning environment, possibly in combination with a classroom workshop in one of our locations.

All Privacy Courses

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Training

The DPO Training is a two-year post-graduate course to become a DPO, Privacy Officer (PO) and / or other privacy function.


Three-day Company Training Data Protection

In three days you will have a clear picture of the Avg and the obligations under legislation and regulations. Above all, you know what this means in practice.


Privacy Awareness Training

We offer an awareness program aimed at a permanent change in the behavior of your employees.


Separate modules

The modules of the DPO Training can each be followed separately. These are taught through the e-learning environment and a classroom / webinars workshop.


Interim (by Duthler Professionals)

Duthler Professionals seconds external data protection officers (DPOs), privacy officers and other privacy professionals.


Deployment of external DPO / PO

We are happy to provide the role of external DPO / PO and have set up our organization accordingly. We can already start working for you in full or in part. Each DPO / PO has sufficient knowledge and skills.


Taking care of the privacy-legal function

It is possible to second lawyers on a temporary basis to the internal or corporate legal function or independently within a privacy and security team.


Project management and implementation

We look for the optimal composition of the project team. Optimal use of knowledge, skills and years of experience.


Implementation and maintenance

We can indicate which measures are effective and cost-efficient for your organization. Depending on the desired SOLL situation, we include the measures in the action plan.


Do you have any questions?

Do you have questions about our privacy services? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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