Taking appropriate management and security measures

An integral proposal for taking appropriate control and security measures is drawn up periodically (usually annually) on the basis of the results of investigations, advice and action plans.

How can you take appropriate measures?

Compliance is about testing the actual situation or the situation to be created against legislation, agreements made and policy objectives. When making necessary changes, the organization is vulnerable because the existing administrative organization and internal controls are being phased out to make way for new ones.

  • Exploring relevant changes: collecting, assessing and positioning relevant changes in the administrative organization and internal control.
  • Aligning legislation with business activities: maintaining an overview and insight into relevant legislation and estimating the consequences for the organization of business activities.
  • Continuous monitoring of business activities: monitoring business activities, the products and services portfolio and verifying which control measures are required for an effective and cost-efficient administrative organization and internal control.
  • Periodic evaluation: implement implementations, interim evaluations and adjustments. The iterations and aftercare of implementations in the organization and systems can take longer and require more energy than planned.

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