Comply with legal accountability

MYOBI uses the methodology of compliance operations from Duthler Associates to be accountable or to comply with the legal accountability obligation for organizing compliance with the obligations under the TTP policy, in particular the legal and contractual obligations arising from the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Sometimes a company has insufficient capacity or it is not economically rational to free up capacity for implementing or managing an information ecosystem.

In these situations it is possible to make use of our professionals.

What are the benefits?

An information ecosystem with confidential, reliable and available data from partners helps to do business effectively and to limit and control the operational costs and risks of doing business. We list a number of advantages:

  • Providing partners (customers, internal and external employees and suppliers) with access to company and personal data, including trade secrets, under the direction of partners. This protects the company reputation;
  • Providing controlled access to company and personal data, including business secrets of partners;
  • For the effective organization of the legal operations, the company and personal data from the information ecosystem are essential; and
  • Provide the foundation for senior management to be responsible for organizing compliance with legal, policy and contractual obligations. This provides the overview and insight needed for practical business risk management.

See value propositions and business case examples.

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about organizing, implementing or expanding your accountability? Our service owner, Caroline Willemse AA RE RFG or her colleagues, would be happy to discuss your specific case.

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