Have you properly protected your ‘crown jewels’?

The company management organizes the business activities with business processes. The processes are controlled by departmental teams in which employees are assigned roles and perform tasks. A role has powers and responsibilities. On request, an employee with a role performs a task. When the task is ready, the employee lets you know and sends another employee with a role to perform the next task. In the process, the requests and the completion of tasks are recorded in data. It is a data-driven business.

Data protection and privacy is and remains a complex issue, with new risks emerging every day. Are you looking for pragmatic privacy advice and its implementation? We advise organizations on how to deal with ever-changing obligations in the areas of data protection, privacy and information security.

Our services focus on protecting data-driven business operations. This is obvious for protecting personal data, but there are many more arguments for protecting data. The following services are available:

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, protecting personal data is and remains a core activity for us. We wish to serve our clients appropriately by protecting trade secrets and personal data. The reason is:

  • A better value proposition and business case for the company;
  • More clarity for the employees of the organization;
  • Taking control and security measures is necessary to protect trade secrets as well as personal data; and
  • Accountability for compliance with legal and contractual data protection obligations is corresponding.

Yes, we have a lot of experience in drawing up a strategic agenda for trade secrets and personal data. The agenda reflects the existing maturity level and is developing towards a feasible ambition level.

Gaining an overview and insight into the effective organization of business activities is the starting point for the agenda. A strategic agenda for business secrets and personal data is meaningful if there is support from management and employees for the implementation of an action plan. When developing the strategic agenda, knowledge and change management is needed to create support, to make use of the implicit knowledge of employees and to estimate the change capacity of management and employees.

That’s how you could see it. Explicitly naming trade secrets and personal data on the basis of the strategic agenda data approach shows what the “crown jewels” of the company are. It makes it clear that the company management expects an adapted/increased protection for this data. The relationship between trade secrets and personal data allows the company to combine management and security measures. That is more effective and cost efficient.

Companies publish a privacy statement on their website and it is based on the strategic data protection agenda of the company management. The trade secret statement is an internal document that serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of trade secret security measures in the event of a breach.

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Do you have questions about organising, implementing or expanding the protection of personal data? Our service owners, Caroline Willemse and André Biesheuvel, are happy to discuss your needs, case and/or problem.