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Would you like to support us in organising your reputation management?

The company management wishes to continuously inform its partners (customers, employees and suppliers) about the company organization with confidential, reliable and available data. The same applies the other way around. The company’s management expects its partners to also present themselves to it with reliable data. By demonstrably taking responsibility for organizing compliance, company management offers society certainty about the expected reliability of the data presented.

Building trust with partners takes effort and costs time and money. Losing the trust of partners can come from a single carelessness and happen quickly. Managing the reputation of a company therefore has the permanent attention of the management. We can indicate the value proposition of reputation management as follows:

  • Partners can organize business activities more effectively with the help of certainty about the reliability of each other’s business and personal data;
  • Uncertainty about the reliability of each other’s business and personal data leads to an increase in liability and cost risks; and
  • Assurance of the confidentiality of trade secrets contributes to business continuity.

What is our approach?

Organizing reputation management requires a project-based approach and subsequent management efforts. Manually organizing company and personal data, including trade secrets, is labour-intensive. In addition, the durability of manual reputation management is limited due to the many changes on the part of the partners.

The information ecosystem on the trust network can provide a solution because the system is filled organically by entering into agreements with partners. The attention in implementation and management focuses on:

  • Have access to authentic and generic sources;
  • Processing “proposed” changes in company and personal data; and
  • Follow up on differences from different sources.

We offer an action plan, training programs and capacity for organizing the implementation and, if desired, taking care of the management.

Do you have any questions or would you like to make an appointment?

Do you have questions about organizing, implementing or expanding your compliance operations? Our service owner, André Biesheuvel or one of his colleagues, will be happy to discuss your specific case.