With expertise, pride and passion.

Duthler Associates (1998) advises companies and institutions, conducts research and carries out projects in the areas of governance & compliance, corporate legal, compliance, data protection and information security and management.

The services of Duthler Associates focus on organizing and optimizing the corporate legal function (legal operations). More and more organizations and companies see its added value and want to be supported in this.

To organize its services, Duthler Associates uses MYOBI’s trust network, such as the authentication of contracts with an electronic signature and the deposit thereof and applications such as smart contracting. The relevant contracts and contract portfolios are developed and managed by the lawyers of Duthler Associates.

At Duthler Associates, the client’s goals are of course always central and paramount. Duthler Associates moves with the developments of customers and continuously adapts to the changes that customers go through.

Our mission and vision

The mission and vision are determined by the core values ​​of Duthler Associates, Committed, Integrity, Enterprising(CIE). Our core values ​​show how we at Duthler Associates treat each other and our customers.

Duthler Associates strives to be the best consulting firm in corporate legal, corporate compliance, personal data protection and information security.

Duthler Associates provides services to the customer that provide added value to the customer. Duthler Associates offers solutions with practical guidelines, not just legally correct answers or neatly completed questionnaires.

Duthler Associates works hard, with pleasure and with enthusiasm. The customer notices this. At Duthler Associates there is passion for the profession. Duthler Associates works with passion, interest and attention for the customer.


The goals of the customer are of course always central and foremost. Duthler Associates moves with the developments of customers and continuously adapts to the changes that customers go through.

The professionals of Duthler Associates always show the added value of its services and professional support to customers.

Well-organized business activities require targeted professional support. This often involves exceptional situations, organizational and professional issues, coping with calamities or the need for compliance.

These situations require well-trained, CIE employees from Duthler Associates. Duthler Associates also has the ambition to expand its activities, both nationally and internationally.

Core value CIE

We are CIE: Committed, Integrity and Enterprising. This means that:

  • Employees define and are the face of Duthler Associates;
  • It is valuable to employees if they develop themselves and continue to learn.

Some statements:

  • Integrity: “I make clear what I think, mirror and ask others to do the same”
  • Integrity: “I make sure agreements are clear and I keep them”
  • Committed/Entrepreneurial: “I will not let go until I am sure that the issue has been solved or that someone else has taken over from me”

Our team