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Your legal operations better and cheaper

We are focused on optimizing and further rationalizing your corporate legal function. The quality of your corporate legal function will improve. The annual costs are going down. Sometimes by 30%. Our IT services and legal models are applied in the life cycles of drafting, executing and managing contracts. In this way, your corporate legal function can be organized more effectively and cost-efficiently.

The life cycle of a contract forms the scope of smart contracting. Depending on the business activities, a company initiates and manages collections of smart contracting processes. For example, we can think of personnel matters (HR), purchasing, sales, ICT, etc.

Our legal services

We ensure the rationalization of the corporate legal function and use the available capacity of internal employees as much as possible. Based on a business case, we supplement the internal capacity with legal professionals. View our services below:

Plan of action

The following step-by-step plan has been developed in order to be able to work out the business case properly and to arrive at a definitive plan of approach.

  1. Legal GAP analysis (IST-SOLL): knowledge of the existing legal situation (IST) is first required in order to be able to compare it with the desired legal situation (SOLL).
  2. Smart contracting implementation: based on the results of the analysis, the business case, the management can decide to implement smart contracting.
  3. Execution and contract management: based on the results of the implementation, the possibly adjusted business case, the management can decide to apply contract management.

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