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Developing the business case

Working out the financial business case for applying the legal operationswith the application of, for example, smart contracting is different for every company. Given the nature of the service, all business activities can benefit more or less from making agreements with partners and checking to what extent the agreements are fulfilled, this is called contract management.

Using the right resources

With the help of our provided resources, such as the knowledge bases, the service desk, the awareness and training programs and on-demand professional legal support, a company can organise the legal operations. Not all companies have the capacity to effectively organise the legal operations and rely on professional support on demand. This support goes beyond hiring a lawyer who puts together a set of standard contracts without taking into account the nature of the company’s activities. The professional support that we advocate is aimed at realizing the value propositions according to an action plan with clear products and milestones.

Organizing “just” the legal operations already creates an attractive financial business case for a company with a modest company size. When the company management starts organising the business activities more effectively, the value proposition increases, the cost structure remains the same and the income streams increase exponentially.

Make an appointment and discuss the right approach for your situation

Do you have questions about organizing, implementing or expanding your legal operations? Our service owner will be happy to discuss your specific needs, wishes and/or case.