Professional legal capacity for the right work

A company may lack professional capacity or it may be a conscious choice to deploy professionals for specific activities. For the management, these are points of attention when developing the business case: sufficient capacity is needed for the continuity of the business operations. We supply professionals on demand or professionals who fulfill certain roles.

This also requires that the professional fits within the team and can carry out the work with the help of reliable company and personal data, contract libraries with contract types and scenarios and practical IT systems. On request, we provide these preconditions that make it possible to organize the business activities of a company more effectively.

Second-line support

A business process coordinator can request us from the information ecosystem using the ‘legal support’ button to deploy a professional who will then be given a role in a process. The legal support can consist of:

  • assessing existing legal operation by performing a zero baseline measurement;
  • compose a company-specific contract library from the contract library;
  • answer specific questions or provide a legal risk assessment about an agreement to be concluded;
  • fulfill a role for certain business activities. For example, fulfilling the role of HR business process coordinator;
  • providing knowledge transfer and training;
  • representation in the event of escalation in fulfillment of contractual obligations; and/or
  • conducting legal audits.

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How can we help you?

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