Privacy baseline measurement

Perform a privacy zero measurement?

The privacy baseline measurement is an exploratory study aimed at gaining insight into compliance with laws and regulations in the field of data protection and privacy. The investigation provides the responsible person, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board, with insight into the extent to which the risks are covered by measures and the effective operation of these measures.

Our approach

We have been supporting and conducting privacy baseline measurements for many different clients for more than 20 years. You can leverage the knowledge and skills of our industry-leading team of professionals with a unique combination of legal, compliance and technical expertise.

  1. Privacy standards framework and inventory: The insights are compared with the requirements set for the processing of personal data, the assessment of the extent to which your organization meets the requirements with regard to privacy. This is done on the basis of a privacy standards framework.
  2. Testing and preparing customized reports: The investigation results in a report of findings and associated advice. This advice provides, among other things, a global approach for your organization on how to take next steps to safeguard privacy.
  3. Coordination and unforeseen activities: The depth of the privacy baseline measurement and the detail of the report are determined by the scope of the investigation and the available time.

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