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Organizing legal operations

The legal professionals of Duthler Associates are actively involved in the further development of the services of the MYOBI Trust Network and the smart contracting application. Duthler Associates contributes to the Contract Board. Duthler Academy manages awareness and training programs for organizing legal operations using the smart contracting application.

There is a clear value proposition for a company to use the MYOBI Trust Network and the smart contracting application. The professionals at Duthler Associates have developed business cases and action plans for various business types. Most companies that implement and adopt legal operations include the support of Duthler Associates in their business case. We have made an overview of possible involvement of Duthler Associates.

Assess the existing legal operations

Duthler Associates meets with companies that are interested in the topic of effectively organizing legal operations, but do not know the status of the existing legal organization. After registering free of charge on the MYOBI Trust Network, management may request the Duthler Associates Legal Coordinator to conduct an investigation into the existing legal organization. The results of such a study consist of an insight into the liability and cost risks of entering into obligations and form input for drawing up the value proposition, business case and action plan for effectively organizing legal operation using smart contrating and an appropriate contract portfolio.

Knowledge and change management

The step-by-step organization of legal operations requires knowledge and change management. Management and employees often possess implicit knowledge that must first be made explicit in order to subsequently be able to implement changes. A successful change process requires a balance between company, departmental and personal interests.

Independent of the company size, implementing legal operations requires management and employees to have change skills that are organized with knowledge and change management.

Professionals from Duthler Associates have performed such an implementation before. They use the company-specific learning environment that a company receives when registering on the MYOBI Trust Network and matching awareness and training programs.

A company may require its own approach to organizing legal operation. That is of course possible. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

Implementation and management

We assume that a company itself takes care of the staffing of the legal operations. It may be a conscious choice to use the professionals at Duthler Associates to fulfill specific roles in implementing and maintaining the legal operation. Every company management makes such a decision.

The professionals fulfill the following roles, among others:

  • Preparing the implementation of the legal operation (jointly drawing up the agenda, assessing the legal organization, jointly determining the change strategy and drawing up value propositions, business cases and action plans);
  • Fulfilling the role of project leader implementation legal operation;
  • Fulfill the role of Business Process Coordinator for specific business activities. This often concerns HR, governance & compliance or the procurement of specific services;
  • Fulfill the role of subject matter legal assessment for specific contract types; or
  • Periodically assess the liability and cost risks.

Performing a role for a few days a week is possible. We consider that an external professional.

Legal support

The “need legal support” button is included in the information ecosystem on the MYOBI Trust Network in the smart contracting application. This button allows the Business Process Coordinator to request assistance from Duthler Associates professionals and First Lawyers lawyers at any time.

The professionals are trained and familiar with the legal context. The knowledge development among the professionals and the logistics of MYOBI Trust Network make it possible that the efforts of the professionals are limited to answering concrete questions. Falling back on professionals is not only effective but also cost-efficient.

Do you have any questions or do you need an appointment?

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