Applying and optimizing legal operations

Most companies have an implicit corporate legal function. The tasks are often shifted to the management of departments. Coherence and time are lacking to carry out the tasks with sufficient attention. The result is a limited commercially optimal company legal function and increased liability and cost risks when concluding contracts and fulfilling contract obligations.

Our lawyers are members of Corporate Legal Operations Consortium, CLOC, and apply CLOC CORE 12, in smart contracting. Our lawyers have also incorporated the contract administration operating model, CATS, into CLOC Core 12. In addition to professional knowledge, CLOC and CATS also contribute to the operational level. Practical tools that have been proven in practice give the organization of the corporate legal function practical value.

If the management of a company recognizes the importance of the corporate legal function, the organization thereof will develop further with the aim of optimally matching the company’s activities.

The management of an organization often asks professionals to provide an outline assessment of the effectiveness of the existing corporate legal function. When discussing the results of the assessment, the following question arises:

‘What should be the approach to align the corporate legal function better and more effectively with the business activities?’

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