Protecting (personal) data within the company

The employees who manage business processes often know the weaknesses in the construction and functioning of the business processes, the control measures and the supporting IT applications. This knowledge is important for organizing business activities more effectively, but the knowledge remains implicit in the mind of the employee.

Knowledge about knowledge management and trust is needed to make the implicit knowledge explicit in texts, symbols and metaphors. Knowledge management focuses on the importance of the company, department and employees to share knowledge, in other words to guarantee business continuity, strengthen the department team and secure labor income.

An extension of knowledge management is the ability to successfully implement changes. The department management and the employees must build up a knowledge position on the basis of facts and information provided, which creates a desire for change.

If a business organization explicitly puts energy into knowledge and change management, the employees will have a capacity for change. This capacity is necessary for business and department management to stimulate the desire to change in business processes. This makes the company flexible in responding to opportunities and threats. We could say that the lack of change capacity threatens business continuity.

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about organizing, implementing or expanding the training program on the protection of personal data? Our service owners are happy to discuss your needs, case and/or problem.

For all types of organizations, change starts with knowledge building; making implicit knowledge explicit among employees. We can stimulate the building of knowledge, but the awareness of the importance of protecting trade secrets and personal data must come from within the own organization. Building up the knowledge results in the desire to change and the realization among employees that training is needed to be well prepared to successfully complete the changes.

If there is a desire and level of knowledge for organizing business activities more effectively and/or differently, the change will be easy and the results of the change will be invested in the organization.

What is our contribution?

We attach great importance to facilitating change processes for organizing the protection of trade secrets and personal data or taking adequate management and security measures.

We have awareness and training programs that protect personal data and protect trade secrets. After completing a training course, the employee can take a test and if the result is positive, the employee will receive a certificate demonstrating that he has this knowledge. If desired, we can make the programs company-specific by using your company logo, including recognizable photos and drafting cases that match your company activities.

We use the tool to raise employee awareness and train key employees for a diverse set of focus areas.

  • We now maintain the data protection awareness and training program for personal data and the training protects trade secrets. This program can be used by a company to build knowledge and change management company and personal data and trade secrets; and
  • There are also awareness and training programs legal and compliance operation.

A company can use the “standard” awareness and training programs and make them or have them made company-specific. It is also possible to develop and manage programs for your own knowledge and change management.

We can provide tailor-made solutions by linking the awareness and training program data to the level and experience of your employees. By responding directly to questions, specific knowledge can be contributed and more catchy working methods can be devised together.

If desired, we can provide the training at the location of your company.

We have worked out the necessary logistics for knowledge and change management in collaboration with Duthler Academy and using Moodle. See: company-specific learning environment (Duthler Academy).

Register your company on MYOBI Trust Network. You will also receive your company-specific learning environment with a number of awareness and training programs. Register here.

If you wish to organize your knowledge and change management yourself with the company-specific learning environment, take a license, see conditions and costs.

Do you have questions or need an appointment?

Knowledge and change management remains on the agenda of the management and every year it appears that not much has actually happened. Feel free to contact us via +31 (0) 70 392 22 09 or Make an appointment with André J. Biesheuvel, the data protection service owner, or a professional from his team.