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SBRPowerhouse manages the SBC Management System and takes care of the system development. Together with users of the SBC Management System, subject matter experts in the field of data protection and IT specialists, the system is developing into a practical tool. We provide advice, offer operational capacity and/ or we fulfill roles. For example, the role of DPO or compliance employee. An overview of possible activities:

  • Building and managing the processing register to which processes and information systems are linked;
  • Organizing, registering, following up, reporting and closing incidents and data leaks;
  • Organizing, registering and completing requests from the data subject;
  • How to organize, document and follow up contracts/agreements including the processor and data exchange agreement;
  • Planning and conducting investigations including DPIAs and then following up on the findings; and
  • Organizing the legal accountability data protection.

It gives an impression of the variety of activities that can be taken up by the professionals of partners.


Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.