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“Effectively and efficiently meeting your agreements, policy objectives and legislation”

Your business compliance function more effective and cheaper

Smart compliance is not only accountable for complying with legislation, but also integrally and organization-wide complying with contracts and policy objectives. This leads to effective and cost-efficient business operations.

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Optimize compliance cycle

The aim is to enable an organization to organize, implement and report on social and effective and cost-efficient governance & compliance. We recognize the following cycles within the life cycle:


Company-specific governance & compliance tailored to sector and segment-specific legal models and standards frameworks.


Operationalize the compliance function.


Improving security and control measures aimed at an effective and cost-efficient organization and internal control of business risks.

Our compliance services

Legal models and standards frameworks

Our compliance professionals work out pragmatic standards frameworks based on the legal models.

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MYOBI and IT services

As a digital notary, MYOBI facilitates smart compliance with IT services. This is essential for organizing and optimizing the compliance function.

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Approach optimization of the compliance function

Organizations will want to invest in the compliance function if there is a good business case.

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Organize good governance and compliance

The scope and scope of good governance and compliance largely determine the core tasks of the business compliance function.

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Accounting to society

The management of an organization will want to justify itself on the basis of the legal outcomes and policy objectives.

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Advice & Investigations

Compliance is about testing the effectiveness of management and security measures against a standard. We conduct multiple investigations and pre-audits.

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Appropriate management and security measures

Based on the results of investigations and recommendations, an integrated proposal is periodically drawn up for taking appropriate management and security measures.

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Legal Entity Management

Knowing the area of ​​responsibility continuously requires an explicit effort from an organization. In other words, comply with the "general" accountability.

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Training, compliance support and our vacancies

Compliance training

The education and training courses in the field of the compliance function are housed at our Duthler Academy.

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Support compliance function

We can support you in establishing compliance with legislation, agreements and policy objectives. Our professionals are well trained and subject to continuing education.

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Compliance vacancies and talent

We are looking for compliance professionals. Well trained to fulfill the compliance function and socially competent to manage the compliance function. 

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