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Compliance in the cloud

Being accountable or responsible for organizing compliance with policy, legal and contractual obligations is an important issue for company management. Of course, there are the usual tax, commercial, statistical and banking obligations. There are also obligations that are becoming increasingly stringent such as organizing information security and protecting personal data. We are seeing a steady growth of sectoral and incidental obligations that companies must legally comply with. Liability and cost risks are increasing for some companies and there is a need for a comprehensive compliance approach.

Organizing IT cloud compliance is a special and fundamental business activity because ensuring information security and protecting personal data is necessary for business continuity and being able to organize a more integrated compliance approach. It is the usual companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google that provide IT cloud services to businesses. We limit our description of these services to compliance in the cloud.

What is our approach?

Our professionals attend training from Duthler Academy and from cloud vendors, such as Microsoft. With this, our professionals continue to build their knowledge and gain experience in the roles of risk manager, compliance officer and FG at various companies. For some companies, our professionals perform combinations of these roles. There are times when a company wishes to develop risk management and pay attention to protecting personal data.

Professionals formulate policy and build knowledge and change management using Duthler Academy’s training programs. Using the tools of the cloud vendors, our professionals fulfill their roles effectively. For example, applying Security center, Defender or Sentinel in MS 365 and Azure tenants.

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