Get to know Duthler Academy, the training institute

Duthler Academy, part of Duthler Associates, is a leading educational institution in the field of legal, compliance and privacy education. The courses are unique because of the combination of practice and theory. All teachers are professionals ‘from the field’ and teach the theory on the basis of concrete cases and practical examples.

The following training programs are available:

  • Privacy and information security: one language in the field of privacy and information security within your company or institution? View our training program here to use in all your business activities.
  • Corporate legal function: want to know more about legal operations and smart contracting? View our programs in the field of corporate legal (legal operations), contract management and smart contracting here.
  • Knowledge management: in this training program we have worked out the generic business activities and knowledge management.
  • TrustNetwork and Accountability: this training program offers users the opportunity to introduce themselves, under direction, to partners with company and personal data.

More information

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